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About West km

Welcome to West km, a knowledge management product that allows staff members at your legal organization to easily find and reuse your best work.

West km for Litigation integrates WestlawNext search technology, KeyCite, and KeySearch with your organization's internal documents, such as briefs, pleadings, and memos. You can view and search internal documents in the West km interface or simultaneously with a WestlawNext search.

West km for Transactions provides searching and drafting capabilities based on your organization's internal transactional documents, such as agreements, forms, and regulatory filings. Members of your organization can search by documents, clauses, and defined terms.

Litigation Features

In West km for Litigation, you can

Transactions Features

In West km for Transactions, you can

Working with Documents

Before you begin working in West km, it is helpful to understand the origins of documents and document metadata you will search and browse.

Files at your organization are stored in a file system or document management system (DMS) in their original format, such as Microsoft Word. From these locations, West km collects documents and document metadata to use in West km; for example, metadata from a DMS could include author, client ID, and date. During the document indexing process, West km analyzes these documents and extracts and tags significant content. For example, for litigation documents, metadata could include title, jurisdiction, court, attorney, and company.

For transactional documents, metadata could include title, attorneys, governing law, law firm, and parties.

Both these types of metadata make it easier for you to search and browse documents in West km.

Transactions Documents

In West km for Transactions, documents are also analyzed to create document, clause, and defined term content collections that you can search and browse.

Note that when you email or load a copy of a clause or defined term, you are actually emailing or loading the full document.

Notes and exemplar markings that have been added by a colleague with annotator rights are attached to the document. Exemplar markings are viewable from the document, as well as from all clauses and defined terms originating from the document.

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